Gouda Cheese cow – aged 7 months

Ofcourse the typical Gouda cheese (and model) is the most famous and well known cow cheese coming from Holland. The Dutch even brought their knowledge about cheesemaking to the US early 17th Century. The 1st cheese-inventory list dated from 1633 and was ofcourse handwritten! Our cow cheese is not only organic, but has also a very specific flavor. It has still the creaminess, is smooth and soft, but at the same time it becomes to have a small salt christal already. For this reason we chose the 7 months aged Gouda cow cheese, but ofcourse one can eat this cheese as from a very young (1 month) age until an age of over 1 year. This type of cheese is sort of speak a multi purpose cheese. It can be eaten on a toasted sandwich, on a salad or in a pasta, along with an aperitive with raw ham and mustard, but also after dinner.


Kaaslust Cow cheese