Goat cheese from the peatbarn

This cheese is made with an organic goatmilk, which gives this cheese its typical “goat flavor”. However our customers say this goat flavor is not over the top. It is a very balanced cheese. Besides this the cheese is ripened in a peat barn, which is quite unique. In former days peat was used to heat the houses, therefor one needed to “cut the peat”.

One used the peat aswell to make barns out of it. Peat lets air through, so the humidity in such a barn is very high, over 95% of humidity. In other words: ideal circumstances to ripen cheeses.

These specific goat cheeses has usually ripened between 5-12 months in this peat barn and after that we treat it with caramel. Due to this the cheese becomes a natural rind which is eatable. The combination of the recipe, the peat barn and the caramel gives this goat cheese a very dynamic flavor: one slightly tastes the peat and soil of the peat barn, in combination with a touch of sweetness. This cheese can be served on a salad, for instance a pear – or peach salad with nuts or after dinner, as a dessert or just plain with a bit of chutney.


Kaaslust Goat cheese