1818: Johannes van den Bosch

General Johannes van den Bosch founded the Society of Benevolence in 1818. In Drenthe he has farms built where poor families could start a new life as a farmer.

1823: Colony

The Kaaslust cheese factory is located in the original dairy factory of the Veenhuizen agricultural colony. This colony was established in 1823 as part of the Society of Benevolence. Kaaslust continues the socially responsible tradition of General Van den Bosch there. Because honest tastes best.

1903: Dairy factory

The characteristic dairy factory was built in 1903. The special and recognizable style is thanks to the renowned architect Willem Cornelis Metzelaar. His designs largely determine the unique atmosphere and appearance of Veenhuizen’s cultural heritage. A lust for the eye.

2010: Restoration

In 2010 the former dairy factory of Veenhuizen was restored and furnished for the traditional preparation of cheese.